Event Sanctioning



WSSSA is responsible to the Central North Island Secondary School Principals Association [CNISSPA] to provide them with guidance and recommendations around Waikato Secondary School Sports Events.  Dependent upon context  a WSSSAEvent”, is an interchangeable term  for all regular “Sports”, “Tournaments”, “Leagues” and “Competitions”

Event Sanctioning – Purpose:

  • To ensure quality and safe sporting opportunities are available to our youth
  • To enable better planning from WSSSA, schools and sports codes
  • To gain an overview of secondary school sports events for promotion and avoid clashes of codes, major events and academic dates
  • To ensure participation opportunities are accessible and cost-effective to maximise  engagement

Due to this, we request that organisers of a secondary school sporting events provide the WSSSA with proposed dates, days and duration of play, information regarding Health & Safety as appropriate for key venues and budgeted costs to students/schools as individuals or teams for the events for the 2020 season.

Once approved by the WSSSA Executive will place on the Official WSSSA calendar placed on this website at www.wsss.org/nz/events


Click here: 2020 Event Sanctioning Guidelines and Key Dates


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